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Sometimes you just need a little bit of creative help.

Thatís where I come in.

I provide support at any stage in your project - from concept development to design to evaluation. Iíll ask the right questions and help develop the creative solutions you need to achieve your project goals.

The support I provide can vary and will be based on your project.
It can include:

Strategic and Business Development planning

Project Management

Creative facilitation

Marketing and communication strategic development

Graphic design and branding development

Content planning, creation, copywriting and training


Each organisation and project requires different support. My rates are designed to make getting the help you need affordable, whether your project is big or small. Itís amazing what you can achieve in an hour.

Rate - 1 hour $150 plus GST

Rate - 1 to 10 hours $115 plus GST

Rate - 10 hours or more $85 plus GST

Lets talk about your creative project -

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